The Jessup


The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (2-5 persons)


The Jessup Competition (JMC) is the largest and the most prestigious moot court competition in the world. It offers participants an invaluable opportunity to gain in-depth experience in practicing (yes, practicing, not grinding away at) international law!

Law students around the world, from Australia to Zimbabwe, spend an entire year working hardly and preparing to compete in the Jessup by auditioning and selecting team members, researching the topic, developing oral and written advocacy skills and raising the finances necessary to attend JMC. The Competition poses a challenge for every student willing to test one’s legal (preparation and presentation of arguments) and interpersonal (team-building) skills. It also offers an unique opportunity to everyone wishing to taste a true and fair legal battle against best teams from all over the world – something more than everyday university routine. Not to mention the valuable item in CV.

It is utterly demanding task to compete, wholly rewarding though. Statistics tell it all: there are more than 500 teams from 80 states participating in the Competition annually. And beware: it is also unexpectedly addicting: plenty of students try twice or thrice!

Polish teams first compete in National Round held in Warsaw (February or March). Only the Winner is advanced to the International Rounds, which are held every spring in Washington, DC.

International Law Students Association has just voted on proposals for the 2015 Jessup topics. The approved proposal involves a dispute between two States over treaty interpretation and its applicability in the face of changed circumstances; the propriety of counter-measures; and procedural and substantive issues raised by the secession of a province from one country and its annexation by another.

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