New Mooting Season in on its Way!

The new 2016-2017 edition of the Moot Court Courses presented by The Chair of Public International Law and International Relations is coming soon!


Information for applicants:

Information session: Monday, 30 May 2016, 10.30 am, Seminar Room No. 2.55. While attendance at this session is encouraged, it is not required.

Applications due: Monday, 6 June 2016, 11.00 am. If you want to participate in the moot court teams’ selection, please, send us an email quoting:
– name and surname,
– mob. telephone number and
– estimated graduation date.

All applications (titled in the following format: MootCourts_Jan_Kowalski) should be sent to: bmiros(at)

Interviews: Monday, 13 June, 3 pm, Seminar Room No. 2.55. The applicants will be asked to make a brief presentation (approx. 5 min.)  of one’s response to a problem concerning international law or/and  international relations, and then answer one or two general knowledge questions. The purpose of the presentation is to give a general overview of applicants’ pleading skills and not to elaborate on the merits thoroughly.

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